Women Internship Program
AIMASC provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and post-graduates who wish to pursue a career in the field of development. The goal of the internship program is to groom the interns to take up leadership positions in the development space in future while improving the gender balance in CARE.


  • To provide female graduates and post-graduates the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to real life situations
  • To develop professional skills of interns in areas of their interest
  • To develop a pool of well-trained women who can successfully compete in the future for various positions in development organisations
  • The internship program has a clear focus on female graduates and post-graduates.

Benefits for the Intern

Internship provides individuals the chance to:

Explore different career options in the development sector

Master valuable work-related skills

Develop professional relationships

Obtain work experience

Build a resume within a chosen field


Potential women university graduates are eligible for the internship program. Candidates should have interest and commitment to work in the development field. Ethnic and religious diversity is also considered during the selection process.