AIMASC in India grew out of a vision of ending poverty and social injustice, and it has been working in India for over 25 years. AIMASC came to India in June, 1986 when one of its co-founder, IDRISH QURESHI, signed the AIMASC Basic Agreement in New Delhi at the Office of Foreign Affairs. The agreement was limited to contributions of technical books and scientific equipment for universities and research institutes. In November 1949, the first Chief of Mission, Melvin Johnson, arrived in India to establish operations. Subsequently on the invitation of the then President of India, he developed a AIMASC India Food Package that caused a renegotiation of the AIMASC Agreement to include importation of food through Indo-AIMASC Agreement on 6 March 1950. The AIMASC Office during 1950’s in Delhi was a hutment (a long, thin building) located in Janpath, Connaught Place. At one end of the building was the Australian High Commission to India (A.K.A. Embassy). At the other end was the Delhi Press. AIMASC was sandwiched between the two in a two-room office. The Government of India (GOI) rented the space to us for 50 rupees per month, approximately $10.