Jun 07

Few Words About Best Rated Carpet Cleaners

Our top-of-the-range system Cleans about 4 times faster than our typical twin vac/130psi machines Much quicker drying Outperforms a typical twin vac even at 150ft! Could be run straight from the van or as a mobile Auto-feed and auto-empty Remote controller Truckmount-style drying and speed times in a fraction of the price! Can conduct 200ft hose direct in your van.

Following on from the effective Airflex Turbo system, the British constructed and designed Airflex Storm is our top-of-the-range flagship extractor.

This exceptionally powerful 800psi machine is capable of conducting over 200ft of hoses straight from the van, using a plethora of features that will help you wash to a greater standard quicker and with less effort.

This fully elastic powerhouse of a pump lets you wash more carpeting in significantly less time. Fewer passes of the batter are required, together with all the water pressure doing more of this work for you.

The Airflex Storm is fitted using a very strong vacuum motor system — much stronger than the normal Lamb Ametek 1200 or 1400 volt motors utilized on Airflex Pro and Airflex Turbo machines.

This unbelievable vacuum power lets you move the wand far more quickly. Soil extraction is a lot more effective and fewer dry moves are required. Drying times are a lot quicker and you have sufficient power to wash 200ft away from this machine. The difference between mobile and fuel-powdered truck mount hasn’t been so tiny.

You won’t feel the difference in speed, ease of usage and drying occasions when you attempt these machines.

Imagine how long you’ll save you overlook ‘t should come back to your device to flip it off and on. And no longer rushing to turn off your machine each time your cellular phone rings ! Considering you might be operating upstairs 200ft out of your system, this soon adds up to quite a while saving.

Airflex Storm’s remote controller is a function built system built to deal with the large in-rush changing demands necessary for this sort of industrial machines.

We’ve developed the remote system in order it’s outside to the system. This implies that in the unlikely event the distant unit fails, the remote unit may be returned for repair as you continue to use the device as ordinary in guide mode.

The Airflex auto-empty system functions together with your remote controller. Now, if you would like to drain the waste container, simply trigger the auto-empty system through your remote controller. The waste tank empties in under a moment.

Adds virtually zero weight into the system Draws zero electric present No pump-out pump to maintain unblocking No good filters to maintain unblocking Very straightforward and very dependable Airflex Storm’s auto-empty system conserves time and energy, while retaining all the filthy water and clutter away from the client ‘s property. Auto-feed.

This reduces setup times considerably and there’s no requirement to put in another pump. Only drop the auto-feed hose out of Airflex Storm into any outside water tank and you’re prepared to go. Still more time stored.

We could even match a hozelock kind connector if you would like to link directly to a tap.

Airflex Storm is the very best direct-from-the-van cleaning solution nonetheless: Airflex Storm’s enormous power deals easily with long hose operates. The auto-feed, auto-empty and remote controller features mean you seldom will need to come back to check this out the machine. Consider it:

No more lugging around heavy gear No longer wasted filling and emptying buckets in the spout No longer machine sound and mess from the consumer ‘s assumptions No more time wasted setting up and packing away equipment unnecessarily.

Together with Airflex Storm running straight in the van, you also can be put up and prepared to wash in seconds, using quicker cleaning and quicker drying times. There’s no longer draining and re-filling at work. You’re able to command your system using the touch of a button by remote controller before moving an inch.

Watch the Airflex Storm cleaning guide from the van .

Airflex working straight from the van to get greater productivity.

It’s a quicker, simpler, more convenient and more rewarding way to wash.

Simply unhook Airflex Storm from the van and you finally have a remarkably strong portable extractor which goes all the areas a fuel-powered truck mount can’t.

Therefore, in case you’ve got work on the 5th floor? Or in the event that you’re able to ‘t park near enough to your construction? Or if you’re concerned about pedestrians tripping over pipes? No worries!

With the Airflex easy-loading method, loading and unloading the system is really simple — there’s no requirement to put in a ramp on your van.

Airflex machines are exceptionally professional looking machines which can’t fail to impress your clients. Expect a lot of opinions from clients when you have an Airflex — there’s not any doubt you’re utilizing modern top-of-the-range gear when you develop these machines.

We feel that a contemporary looking top-of-the-range machine may only give clients more confidence in your job, and much more confidence in recommending your services.

Insert an Airflex exhaust silencer to decrease machine noise considerably and also to exhaust moist air from the working place, thus reducing drying times.

The engine casing could be retrieved in under 20 minutes. The vac engines have fast connect electrical fittings and may be changed very fast and easily. The pump head has a fast release system that means it could be transformed in as little as 10 minutes. This makes life a whole lot simpler for your care engineer and saves you money in maintenance expenses.

Low initial investment — a fraction the expense of a gas powered truck mount Local repair system — servicing may be ordered fast without downtime Low running costs — plugs to a client ‘s electricity source exactly like a typical mobile machine High return on investment.

For the price of just a top-of-the-range gas powered truck bracket, you can buy up to 6 Airflex Storm machines. Ask yourself; that has the capability to make you more?

If you scroll up this site on the left you’ll see client ‘testimonials ‘ connection for current reviews of the machine. It is also possible to read some old Airflex reviews here that were printed before we found our new site.